Canada Express Entry Visa 2022 - Move To Canada

If you wish to migrate to Canada and you are a skilled worker or a trader with sufficient work experience, the Canada Express Entry Visa is the best option for you. The Canada Express Entry Program is a convenient online application system that allows applicants to obtain a work permit or permanent residence in Canada.

Based on the skills of applicants, the applications can be divided into three subclasses of Express entry programs. They are:

  • FSWP or Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • FSTP or Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • CEC or Canadian Experience Class

Each program has its own requirements that the applicants must meet for approval. Here’s a brief look at the eligibility requirements of these programs. 

Eligibility Requirements For Applications Under FSWP and FSTP

The minimum requirements needed to apply for FSWP or FSTP are, 

  • Skilled work experience,
  • Education,
  • Language ability,
  • Financial Stability, and
  • Admissibility

Skilled Work Experience

FSWP applicants must have work experience in NOC job groups such as, 

  • Managerial jobs (skill type 0), 
  • Professional jobs (skill level A), or 
  • Technical jobs and skilled trades (skill level B). 
Canada Express Entry Visa 

You must have at least 1,560 hours of total work experience through full-time or part-time work within the past 10 years, and the experience should be in the field that you are using in your immigration application. If you are a student, your work experience may be considered valid if you had continuous employment, paid by wages or commissions.

For FSTP applicants, a work experience in skill level type B of the National Occupation Classification is a must. The fields included in this section are:-

  • Industrial, electrical and construction trades
  • Maintenance and equipment operation trades
  • Supervisors and technical jobs
  • Processing, manufacturing and utilities 
  • Chefs and cooks
  • Butchers and bakers

Unlike FSWP, For Federal Skilled Trades Program, you need to have at least 2 years of full-time work experience in any one of the skilled trades mentioned above. The work experience must be from within the past 5 years of the date of application. 

Education For Canada Express Entry Visa

For approval under the FSWP program, you must have valid documents to prove your educational qualifications. If you studied in Canada, you must have a certificate of completion from a secondary institution (high school) or a post-secondary institution.

If you studied in some other country, you must provide an Education Credential Assessment (ECA) certificate from a designated organization. This assessment is primarily conducted to determine whether your educational qualifications are equivalent to a certificate of completion from a secondary institution (high school) or a post-secondary institution.

Language Ability For Canada Express Entry Visa

Language Ability basically deals with your reading, writing, hearing, and speaking skills in English or French languages. For this, you must take an approved language test. The IRCC uses the following methods to evaluate the language ability of applicants. 

  • Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) for English
  • Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadien (NCLC) for French

As the first official language, you will need a minimum of 7 points in either CLB or NCLC. For the second official language, the minimum score required is 5. 

Express Entry Program Through PNP

The Provincial Nominee Program is also included in the Express Entry Pool for the convenience of applicants. You can directly apply from your IRCC account, by selecting a province and a PNP program. You can also directly contact the province or territory and submit your nomination application there.

If a province or territory in Canada agrees to nominate you for their PNP pool, you can apply for an Express Entry Visa based on that nomination. Different provinces have different PNPs, so the eligibility for this program depends on provincial immigration requirements. 

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