Canada Permanent Resident Visa 2022 – Immigrate To Canada

Canada Permanent Resident Visa 2022 - Immigrate To Canada

Canada is currently one of the best countries to live in. It has beautiful weather, higher quality of living, clean air, and a lot of opportunities for growth. Canada is also an immigrant-friendly country that encourages migrants to settle in and contribute to the nation’s economy and growth. So, if you are planning to migrate to Canada, the decision is surely a wise one. 

To live in Canada, you need to have a Canada Permanent Resident Visa that allows you to stay and work in Canada without having to become a Canadian Citizen. So, you will still be a citizen of your country, but you can work and live in Canada for the PR VISA duration. 

The Canadian Government offers 5 different types of permanent residence visas for immigrants. They are:-

  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Express Entry Program
  • Business Immigration Program
  • Experience Class Immigration
  • Family class Immigration

Take a brief look at all the different permanent visa types below. It will give you a better idea of which visa suits you the best. 

1) Provincial Nominee Program or PNP

PNP is a province-based program. Different provinces and territories offer a wide range of PNPs depending upon their immigration and economic needs. Therefore, every PNP has its own eligibility requirements that you must meet to get approved. A province may target students, skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, or businesspeople in their PNPs, and people with sufficient work experience, education, or working skills may be considered eligible.

Eligibility Criteria for PNP 

As mentioned earlier, every PNP has different eligibility criteria for age, educational qualifications, language skills, work experience, health, etc. To know about the various PNPs, you can contact independent immigration services. If you have an IRCC account, you can apply directly from the IRCC account to provinces that allow online application.

How To Apply for PNP? 

For a permanent visa with PNP, you must be nominated by a province and territory in Canada. For this, you must apply to the province or territory with a paper-based application or online application. If a province agrees to nominate you, they will provide a nomination certificate on paper and electronically. Once you have this nomination certificate, you can apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for a permanent working permit. 

2) Express Entry Program

The Express Entry Program is a fast-track online application process for applicants who meet the criteria. There are three subcategories for PR Visa based on skills and experience under Express Entry Program They are:-

  1. FSWP Or Federal Skilled Workers Program 
  2. FSTP or Federal Skilled Trades Program 
  3. CEC or Canadian Experience Class 

You can apply for any of the above programs based on your working skills, business skills, and working experience. However, your eligibility is determined by the authorities after assessing various characteristics.

Eligibility Criteria for Express Entry Program

The eligibility for the express entry program is calculated with a point system. As you meet each criterion you get points, and for approval, you should get at least 67 points out of 100.

Here are the various eligibility criteria required for Express Entry Program.

  • Age Limit: The maximum age of eligibility for an Express Entry Permanent Residence Visa is 45. But more points are given to younger individuals. 
  • Education: To apply for a PR visa under the Express Entry scheme, you need to have a minimum educational qualification equivalent to higher secondary education under Canadian standards.
  • Language: For the approval of a PR visa, you need to clear the IELTS with at least 6 bands, and the results cannot be more than 2 years old. If you are good at French, you can grab some extra points for that. 
  • Experience: A minimum of 1-year of work experience is a must for eligibility.
  • Employment: You get an extra 10 points if you can present a valid offer letter from a legal Canadian Employer. 
  • Adaptability: If you are migrating with your spouse or common-law partner, that will give you 10 extra points. 

Required Documents

If your Express Entry Profile qualifies for a PR visa, you will get an invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR status. Once you receive the ITA, you have 90 days to submit the supporting documents. Here is the general list of documents that you’ll need.

  • Proof of Age
  • Educational qualifications
  • IELTS result
  • Medical certificate
  • Proof of financial stability
  • Police clearance certificate

Depending on your profile you may have to submit additional supporting documents as well. If the application is accepted, you will receive your Permanent residence Visa and the IRCC will also inform you about the program you’ve been approved for. 

3) Business Immigration Program

Canada has a very quick and convenient permanent visa system for entrepreneurs interested in doing business in Canada. The Business Immigration Program is specifically designed to provide easy immigration to individuals who want to invest and start a business in Canada. There are two programs in Business Immigration Program, under which any individual can apply. They are:-

  • Self-Employed Persons
  • Start-Up Visa Program

Self-Employed Persons

The selection criteria for Self-Employed Persons are as follows:

  • Education- 25 points
  • Experience- 35 points
  • Age- 10 points
  • Language Ability- 24 points
  • Adaptability- 6 points

The officer will assess your documents and other information to determine whether you are eligible for the programs listed under business immigration. 

To qualify for a self-employed visa program, you should score at least 35 points on the selection grid, along with two years of relevant experience. You should also be able to show your intent of becoming a self-employed person in Canada.

Start-Up Visa Program 

To qualify for the Start-Up Visa Program, you need to meet the following requirements. 

  • You must have a qualifying business.
  • You must have a letter of approval from a designated organization. Designated organizations are fires approved by the government to invest in or support possible start-ups.
  • You must have documents to prove your language ability. 
  • You must be able to show sufficient funds to settle and live in Canada. 
  • You must meet the other admissibility requirements set by the government. 

Process Of Application

For Start-Up Visa Program, you need a letter of support from a designated organization. So, you must first contact a designated organization, present your start-up idea and convince them to support your idea. Once you obtain the letter of support from the designated organization, you can then apply for a permanent visa to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

4) Experience Class Immigration

Canadian Experience Class or CEC is a permanent residence program for foreigners staying in Canada on a temporary permit. Foreign workers and students who are currently in Canada and want to become permanent residents can apply through this program. The eligibility criteria are as follows. 

  • Minimum 12 months part-time or full-time work experience
  • The work experience must be obtained within 36 months of application
  • You must be able to provide proof of language ability.

5) Family Class Immigration

The spousal sponsorship program is for permanent visa holders who wish to bring their spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner to Canada.

Who Can Be A Sponsor?   

  • Any Canadian citizen or PR Visa holder is eligible for the spousal sponsorship program
  • The sponsor must be at least 18 years old
  • The sponsor must be living in Canada and must not leave Canada after getting entry for the spouse. 
  • The sponsor must be able to handle the financial needs of the spouse for the period of stay.

Who Can Be Sponsored?

Permanent visa holders can sponsor the following family members.

  • Spouse
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Dependent or adopted children
  • Common-law partner
  • Conjugal partner

Eligibility Requirements

  • For the spousal sponsorship program, the sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or a valid permanent visa holder, and the sponsor must be able to provide proof of citizenship or residence in Canada. 
  • The sponsor must be able to provide proof of relationship to the spouse or the family member. 
  • The sponsor must provide bank details to prove financial stability. 
  • The sponsor or the spouse must not have any criminal records. 

The Easiest Way To Get Canada Permanent Resident Visa

As you can see, there are several different Permanent Visa programs, and each program has its own eligibility criteria. Therefore, the application process can be quite confusing if you are a first-time applicant for Canada Permanent Resident Visa. 

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