Canada PNP Program

Canada PNP or Provincial Nominee Program is an immigration program for individuals seeking permanent residence in Canada. Every year, provinces and territories accept invitations from PNP candidates and offer permanent residence permits to individuals coming from different parts of the world.

So, if you want to live and work permanently in a province or territory in Canada, The Canada PNP Program is the perfect option for you. 

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For PNP in Canada?

The Provincial Nominee Program is available for all individuals who seek permanent residence in Canada. However, for approval under the Canada PNP program, you must be nominated for permanent residence by a Canadian province or territory. And the responsible province authorities will assess your documents to determine whether they can approve your application.

The eligibility criteria for PNP may differ in different provinces and territories. Based on their own economic needs, provinces and territories may consider only specific “streams” for PNP. A territory or province may target students, skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, or businesspeople, and only the individuals belonging to that stream may be considered eligible.

So, if you have the required work experience, education, or the skills to help and support yourself and the economy of your province, you may apply for the Canada Provincial Nominee Program and seek permanent residence in Canada. 

How Canada PNP Program Works?

As mentioned earlier, to obtain permanent residence in Canada, you will need a nomination from a province or territory in Canada. To make things easier for you, let’s first break down the entire process into three simple sections. 

  1. Select your Province: All the 13 provinces and territories in Canada have their own PNP requirements and target streams. And overall, there are over 80 PNP programs in Canada. Therefore, for quick approval applying for the right PNP program is very important. Go through the PNP requirements of all provinces and territories and select the program that suits you the most. You can also take help from independent immigration services to find the right program for yourself. 
  2. Apply For Nomination: Once you have found the program suitable for you, you can directly contact the province or territory and apply for a provincial nomination. The authorities will assess your application thoroughly, and if everything is alright, they will approve the application with a provincial nomination certificate. 
  3. Apply For Permanent Residence: The final step is to apply to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for permanent residence. The government provides multiple options to submit your application for permanent residence. You can either choose the Paper-Based Process or the online Express Entry Process according to your convenience.

And that’s how the Canada Provincial Nominee Program works. Now let’s understand the various methods of applying for permanent residence. 

Paper-Based Process

If the PNP you choose falls under a non-Express Entry stream, you must apply via the Paper-Based process. For this, you must submit a paper application along with the provincial nomination certificate to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. You will also have to pass a medical examination and a police verification for permanent residence. The medical test and police-check certificate are a must for everyone regardless of the PNP and province you choose. 

Canada PNP Program

Express Entry Process

The Express Entry process is a much more convenient option, as you can finish your application process remotely without any actual paperwork.

If your provincial nomination is already approved, all you need to do is create an IRCC account, update your profile, and indicate that you have been nominated. The portal will confirm your nomination online and place you in the Express Entry Pool. Your CRS score will also get updated with 600 additional points, ensuring that you will be receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

In case you don’t have a provincial nomination, you can also use the online IRCC portal to get a “notification of interest” from the provinces.

For this, you must show the provinces and territories of interest on your IRCC profile, and if a province is interested, they will send a notification to you. You can then contact them and apply for provincial nomination.

How Long Will It Take To Obtain Permanent Residence In Canada?

If you apply via the Paper-Based process, the application may take anywhere between 12 to 18 months to get processed. The Express Entry is a much faster method, however. The IRCC processes express entry applications within 6 months of submission. 

Permanent Residence In Canada

The Easiest Option

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