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The PR process of Canada selects candidates based on their experience. Someone who has relevant work experience is eligible to get here. That’s why immigration to Canada PR happens as per the Federal Skilled Worker program which is a part of the Express Entry program of this country. The Federal Skilled worker judges a candidate on the basis of his work experience which has been acquired abroad. As per the Federal Skilled Worker program, the country of Canada has also chosen certain occupational profiles in which it adjudges the experience of a candidate and considers it relevant for immigration through Express Entry. The entire program of Express Entry operates on the basis of what is the work experience of a candidate, and his education. The factors like the English proficiency of a candidate and his age are also given importance.

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Express Entry Immigration Process

There are certain eligibility factors for the candidate to get selected for the Canada PR as per the Express Entry system.


Till 35, years of age, excellent points are awarded for anyone who wants to immigrate to this country. But after this age, there is a considerable decline in the Express Entry points anyone can get for immigration to this country.


IRCC has set up its parameters for the English knowledge of a candidate. Anyone who does not have a CLB7 level of scores in the English language cannot get approval as per the Express Entry system to get to Canada PR.


The Express Entry system also checks the education of a candidate and based on how good it is, a candidate gets points. It can be Secondary or Senior Secondary or Bachelors, or Masters or a candidate can even be Ph.D. So, a candidate needs to have at least senior secondary education so that he is considered eligible for Canada PR.


The experience of a candidate is used as an adjudging parameter before the Express Entry system approves him. Without 1 year of working experience from his native country, a candidate cant be approved as per the Express Entry system.

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Educational assessment(EA) is when the government wants to know what quality of your education is. So, it decides to check the quality of your certificates which is done through world education services(WES). This process of educational assessment is extremely compulsory when you have taken degrees not from Canada but from other countries. IRCC has mandated the process for such candidates. Pharmacists and physicians are also required to undergo this assessment for immigration here. The world education services greatly assist you in getting this assessment. This kind of assessment is only recognized for the permanent residency visa but also is required for the study permits as well. The WES does its educational assessments and provides a grade point average which is similar to your percentage of an Indian degree. So, this translates your degree to a grade point average equivalent. WES also lets you know what the honesty of the educational documents is. A candidate gets his evaluation report from WES quite quickly in a week after his university applies for the same and sends his transcripts. The candidate just has to bear the charges and everything is done because the documents are sent back to him by WES after verification.

Yes, there is fund required for the visa of Canada PR. These funds are important because otherwise, the approval for the Canada immigration process becomes tough. The funds are required respectively under the Federal Skilled Trades and the federal skilled worker both of which are a part of the express entry program. In fact, showing such money is a mandatory part of getting qualified under these streams.
The need for the funds increases once more family members are going to gain permanent residency with you in the country of Canada. The other conditions where no such funds are needed is in those situations where you already have employment ready for you in this country.
There are more than 4 members you can have with you on a PR in this country. You will be glad to know that for one member, you need only 12,474 CAD funds as the required proof. So, there are many ways to show these funds. They can be present in the joint account of you hold with your spouse.

The next step is to wait, for the passing of one year since the express entry profile got created. It’s because once the profile has been created, it can be in the pool for one year. The candidate can wait for the scores to go down and wait for his profile to get shortlisted. After one year, it’s relevant to get rid of the old profile and create a new one. This has better chances of getting shortlisted because during the duration of one year, your experience increases. This increased experience increases the possibility of you getting the approval under the federal skilled worker program. There are also chances that your profile gets taken up by any state from the pool as per the rules of its respective PNP. PNP is a valuable way to immigrate, provided you have the required professional qualifications to get such state sponsorship. With the eligible credentials, the client can go to Canada quite easily. It is quite simple to get this visa because the federal skilled worker program just looks at the experience of a candidate, so its no harm to let your application stay in the pool, even if it does not get shortlisted. But after one year has elapsed, please make a second profile because your first profile gets elapsed.

The PNP is a great program to get you to Canada. The Canada PNP program of different provinces need different requirements from the client. The candidate needs to get job offers in some state to get the state sponsorship. So, when he gets the job, his salary will be as per the ongoing salary standards of that state. For example, the province of Saskatchewan requires someone to already have gotten future employment in this province as per the immigration program of the International skilled worker-employment offer. His employment should be in an occupation which is skilled. Apart from that, the score in the IELTS exam can be low but not less than CLB4. So, the salary package which you should be getting for this job offer should be as per the rules and regulations of this province. The province also needs someone to have the license once the employment pertains to a trade. Even if the employer is getting you on a job offer, he is required to get the labor market impact assessment(LMIA) done for you. However, he needs to conform to certain obligations to get you there: He should have to provide you with a contract of service. His wage standards should not be less than those in Canada for the same job and this he proves in the LMIA. So, there is no way he can offer you a lesser salary.

There are no hidden charges which have to be paid to a consultancy. The consultancy informs you about everything as to how much you have the competence to go abroad. Without the competence, the candidate cant get to be in Canada. without the competence, a candidate will have to stay outside because his immigration won’t be approved. At Nile Migration, all kinds of charges are told to you including your IELTS fees and fees for the Educational assessment which is mandatory. Rest there are fees for filing the visa which is equivalent to 550 CAD. There is no way a candidate has to pay more than these fees. There are other fees which are required once you are fortunate enough to get the ITA. This fees equals 490 CAD and is known as the Right of permanent residency fee. There is a fee for the medical exam(250 CAD) also which are levied once the candidate has become an ITA recipient. A client’s visa application fee increase once his kids are also ready to get Australia PR. For every kid he gets along with him, he has to pay an extra sum of 3,435 AUD. A credit card surcharge fees of 1.08% is also levied on this amount.

The exam of IELTS requires the candidates to get entirely 6 in the bands. However, his score can be higher once the candidate is not of the right age. In case, a candidate cant get the score acceptable for immigration, he can opt for this exam again after 1 month. This score is also less once you have a job offer in the province of Saskatchewan which requires only 4.0 in bands of speaking and writing and the score of 4.5 in listening and even lesser 3.5 in reading. This is quite attainable, but for that its mandatory to get a job offer in Saskatchewan. There are 4 segments in IELTS about which everyone is, aware. The longest segment is reading which requires the candidates 1 hour for completion. It has 40 questions in it. The next long section is listening (40 minutes) which includes 40 questions. The section of speaking takes a candidate 11-14 minutes in completion. There is some preparation required for the IELTS test to get ahead in this exam and get the required band score. The IELTS score is also required mandatorily for the university admissions in foreign countries. Sometimes, universities also require a threshold band in a certain IELTS segment. How much points do we need to score for this Canada PR visa. A PR visa for Canada requires the candidates to get 6 in all the exam’s sections. However, the score also differs if the candidate has applied for a PNPs. Its because the PNPs choose candidates based on their specific requirements for different occupations. One of such provinces is Saskatchewan which also does not need CLB 5 score if you want to immigrate under certain streams which include a job offer in this province. So, you don’t need to bother yourself about getting CLB 7 in IELTS in this province.

Canadian permanent residents/landed immigrants and citizens enjoy all of the same rights and privileges (i.e. free health care, free elementary and secondary education, etc.) with three (3) exceptions: 1.Permanent residents cannot vote; 2.Permanent residents cannot hold a Canadian passport; and 3.Permanent residents can be deported for certain criminal convictions.

Within any five (5) year period, a permanent resident must be: physically present in Canada for at least 730 days (two (2) years) in that five (5) year period OR outside of Canada, accompanying a Canadian citizen, who is his or her spouse or common-law partner or a child accompanying a parent OR outside of Canada, employed on a full-time basis by a Canadian business OR an accompanying spouse, common-law partner or child of a permanent resident, who is outside Canada and is employed on a full-time basis by a Canadian business.

To be eligible to immigrate to Canada, one must meet the requirements of one of the many catergories of Canadian Immigration: Federal Skilled Worker Class Federal Skilled Trades Class Canadian Experience Class Business Class Family Class and apply for Permanent Residence in Canada through a designated Case Processing Centre/Centralized Intake Office.

All those completing our free Online Eligibility Assessment Questionnaire will receive a response. In many cases, we may have an incorrect e-mail address from you or our response may have been filtered into your Junk/Bulk/Spam mail folder (if applicable). Please check your Junk/Bulk/Spam mail folder before you contact us.

Candidates must be at least 18 years of age in order to begin the application process for Canadian citizenship.
In order to apply for citizenship on behalf of a child under 18, the following conditions must be met:
• the individual applying for Canadian citizenship is the child’s parent or legal guardian
• the child in question must be a permanent resident of Canada, but is not required to have lived in Canada for three years; and
• one parent is already a Canadian citizen or is applying to become a citizen as well. This stipulation also applies to adoptive parents.

There are approximately 12 million people living in the U.S without legal status, a situation that is unsettling and exposes foreigners to abuse and a life without certainty. Canada is an attractive alternative because Canadian employers value North American work experience and life in Canada is not significantly different from life in the U.S. Most people assume that their illegal status in the US is grounds for automatic disqualification but this is not the case. Each year thousands of individuals without status in the United States find the home they were looking for in Canada.

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